Latest Publications

  • G. Aguado, A. García-Fornes and V. Julian
    Analyzing the repercussions of the actions based on the emotional state in Social Networks
    5th International Conference on Agreement Technologies (AT 2017) pp. In Press. (2018) Bibtex PDF File

  • J. Alemany, E. Del Val, J. M. Alberola and A. García-Fornes
    Estimation of privacy risk through centrality metrics
    Future Generation Computer Systems Vol. 82 pp. 63-76. (2018) Bibtex

  • J. Taverner, B. Alfonso, E. Vivancos and V. Botti
    Modeling Personality in the Affective Agent Architecture GenIA3
    Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence. ICAART'18 Vol. 1 pp. 236-243. (2018) Bibtex

  • J. Jordán, J. Palanca, E. Del Val, V. Julian and V. Botti
    A Multi-Agent System for the Dynamic Emplacement of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
    Applied Sciences Vol. 2 N. 8 pp. 313-313. (2018) Bibtex

  • L.A. Búrdalo, A. Terrasa, V. Julian and A. García-Fornes
    The Information Flow Problem in Multi-Agent Systems
    Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence pp. In Press. (2018) Bibtex

  • A. Costa, J.A. Rincon, C. Carrascosa, P. Novais and V. Julian
    Activities Suggestion Based on Emotions in AAL Environments
    Artificial Intelligence in Medicine pp. In Press. (2018) Bibtex

  • A. Costa, V. Julian and P. Novais
    Personal Assistants: Emerging Computational Technologies
    Vol. 132 pp. 1-211. (2018) Bibtex

  • K. Zheng, Dunbing Tang, A. Giret, M.A. Salido and Z. Sang
    A hormone regulation-based approach for distributed and on-line scheduling of machines and automated guided vehicles
    Journal of Engineering Manufacture. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Vol. 232 pp. 99-113. (2018) Bibtex

  • H. Zhang, Dunbing Tang, K. Zheng and A. Giret
    Production control strategy inspired by neuroendocrine regulation
    Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part B Journal of Engineering Manufacture Vol. 232 pp. 67-77. (2018) Bibtex

  • G. Aguado, A. García-Fornes and V. Julian
    Multi-agent System for Privacy Protection Through User Emotions in Social Networks
    15th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multiagent Systems (PAAMS 2017) Vol. 722 pp. 235-245. (2017) Bibtex PDF File