Real-time Language for integrated Production Systems


The Arlips compiler translates an Arlips rule-based system into an equivalent C program.

Arlips compiler

The Arlips compiler generates code for the three execution phases of the "recognize-act cycle" of a rule-based system. The code generated by the compiler requires less time to execute the evaluation phase than Clips. Unlike Clips, no interpreter is needed to execute an Arlips rule-based system.

Arlips provides a double interface with the C programming language. This interface allows the integration between Arlips rule-based systems and any C program. Arlips can generate calls to external functions written in C, but at the same time, the C code generated by Arlips could be easily used from any other C program.

Arlips can be easily integrated in the ARTIS agent architecture.

The Arlips compiler provides a special compilation mode to generate code ready to be used in this architecture and communicate with its global blackboard.

A development environment integrated with Eclipse is also provided but not imposed. Developer might use it from scratch till execution or may use any other plain text editor, compiling and executing the system in a console.

Arlips compiler can generate code for debugging any generated system. The result is a xml-like file that contains all the events occurred in the system during its execution.

See the documentation for more information of any of these characteristics.