ArgCBR Call Centre


In the call centre application, a set of technicians offers customer support to solve the technical problems reported by the users of the centre. The application has been developed by using a case-based argumentation infrastructure implemented in the Magentix2 agent platform1. The main components of the infrastructure are the argumentative agents, which represent technicians, and the commitment store.

The argumentative agents have two case-based reasoning modules that use as knowledge resources: a domain CBR module, that stores cases that represent problems that where solved in the past and can be reused to provide solutions to similar problems; and an argumentation CBR module, that stores arguments that were used in previous argumentation dialogues. These arguments can be reused to generate supports and attacks to the proposed solutions taking into account how similar arguments were accepted in the past and hence improving the agents argumentation skills.

The commitment store is a knowledge resource that keeps all the information about the agents participating in the problem-solving process, the argumentative dialogues between them and the solutions and arguments that have been generated. By querying this resource, every agent can read the information of the argumentation processes that it is involved in.

The call centre application has a web interface that acts as a frontend of the case-based argumentation infrastructure running on the Magentix2 agent platform. The application offers different views for the customer and the administrator of the system, whose components can be configured to be partially or completely shown for each type of user. The call centre application is flexible and easily integrable with any existing helpdesk software in a company that pro- vides customer support.