Game Oriented Multiagent System based on Jade


JGOMAS is an environment to develop and to run intelligent agents over simulated 3D worlds. Concretely, it can be used in different scopes, for example:

  • Study the complete integration between Multi-agent Systems and Virtual Reality
  • Educational purposes on AI
  • Test bed for AI techniques: cooperation, coordination, learning…

Specifically, JGOMAS allows to run agents in different teams, which compete to achieve their own and team objectives. Those two teams compete in a capture-the-flag-likegame, where one team defend its flag against the other team, which tries to capture it.

The agents can play different roles: soldier, medic and field operations. Moreover, agents need to cooperate with their team-mates in order to achieve their objectives. For example, a medic can deliver medic packs to a soldier mate with a low level of health who sent a "call for medic" request.