Name Size Date Comments
1.07M Oct-2003

Includes RT-Linux distribution

Jan-2005 Includes RT-Linux distribution
Jan-2005 This is a patch for RT-Linux 3.2-pre1


This software has been successfully tested on RT-Linux v 3.2-pre1, running with a 2.4.18-rtl kernel.

It should run with other (similar) Linux kernels, having the same RT-Linux version. Please be aware that some parts of the software (such as the instrumentation of the RT-Linux scheduler) are very sensitive on the particular version of RT-Linux. It is almost sure that installing this patch will fail on other versions but the 3.2-pre1.

If you adapt this package to a different version/Linux kernel, please drop me a note and I will incorporate the patch to the distribution (including your copyright, of course)

Additionally, you will need the following commonly used packages in order to compile and use several components of this package:

  • Tcl/TK 8.0 or higher, needed to compile the metric extraction engine and to run "kiwi".
  • The Expat library, needed to compile the "todocbok" application.
  • The Xmlto package, needed to transform the "docbook" report generated by the "todocbook" application in HTML format.


The install instructions distinguish between two cases:

    1. If you are integrating this software into a regular RT-Linux 3.2-pre1 source tree, then:
      1. Edit the main Makefile (in this directory). Please set the RTLINUX_DIR variable (at the beginning of the file) to point to the the full path of a "clean" RT-Linux source tree directory (onto which the package will be installed)

      2. Type 'make install'

      3. Go to the RT-Linux source tree and recompile RT-Linux, following the usual instructions (make xconfig, make dep, etc.). In the xconfig step, make sure to activate the tracing and metrics support that you need in your RT-Linux kernel.

    2. Otherwise, if you are integrating this software into the OCERA source tree, then you will need the file "../../../ocera.mk" to be available, and then:
      1. Type 'make install'